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As we can fulfill all your digital needs. Because we can produce solutions to achieve your company’s goals with innovative ideas, modern designs, performance and analysis.

Web Design

make your own websites with unique interface design work that will best reflect your company.


you can increase your sales by joining the developing and growing e-commerce network.

Social Media

now it is much easier to rise on social media where advertising and promotion are most common.

Google Seo

those who want to move your site to the top rankings where trade is provided on the internet

Google Ads

those who want to reach more audiences with the best ad optimization and less budget…

Corporate Identity

logo and corporate identity design works that will increase the awareness and quality of your brand.

Why Should You Choose ?

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Web design; Barış Dayak is one of the leading brands in Personal and Corporate Web Site Design. With the launch of Freelance business culture in Turkey, to firms in the institutional and professional qualifications by Corporate Web Design SEO (search engine optimization) it is to ensure that in providing services to compete with rivals in the google rankings.

We are a team that acts with the awareness and responsibility of the service we provide as a team. When designing a Web Site or Graphic Design, we test the high Page Speed rates of that site, build mobile responsive sites that are not limited to desktops or laptops, but do not lose size, and measure the website's compliance with search engines. In addition, we observe that the coding is compatible with the Google SEO algorithm from content to whole. We promise professionalism and service quality to our customers who come to take the Corporate Web Site. These are some of the important features that set us apart.

As a design brand, has determined the basic mission of providing Web Design service beyond time. We provide professional services for everyone who wants to operate in many areas such as corporate website construction, e-commerce website, wordpress website within the scope of 100% customer satisfaction by raising the quality bar in our services.

+ We provide professional SEO service to who wants to grow their company

One of the biggest elements of a website that is built and designed is the need of SEO.

As Google develops new algorithms day by day, as Web Design Brand, we try to be aware of these innovations before everyone else and make your site heard by raising the keyword in your sector to make your voice heard to potential interested parties.

If we need to summarize our fields of activity, we can define our service activities based on experience, determination and discipline through the following elements.

  • Personal web site
  • Corporate web site
  • Portal, news website
  • Public institutions website
  • E-commerce web site
  • Custom management panel
  • Custom module software
  • Seo services
+ Do you want to have sectoral corporate designs ?

As Barisdayak Web Design Brand, we examine Ui - Ux Design models which are considered as trends all over the world with their details. We help you build your own digital web platform with this approach.

For example, if you are a corporate company and you want to have a Logo - Corporate Identity Design, or if you want catalog, brochure, flyer, magazine design (we can diversify these examples in many categories), we analyze the sectoral and competitive content and designs for these categories and then we send you the models. In addition, if we add the following criteria, we have a similar financial attitude. As your wishes are taken into consideration at the design level, we are able to take the right direction for any content and design that is appropriate for the corporate identity. As a customer, you can ask us a price quote including printing.

Corporate Web Site is the most important resource that reflects your company.

One of the most important elements for us is to be able to capture and go beyond the current issues in web site design.Because we value every customer who wants to have a personal or corporate website as a brand in barisdayak web and graphic design industry. We want to ensure that our customers are always one step ahead of their competitors in terms of personal or corporate sites.

As Barisdayak Web Design and Graphic Design, If we need to diversify the works we have provided for many years in corporate sense in more detail;

  • Magazine, Printed Catalog and Online Catalog Designs
  • Business card, brochure insert designs
  • Billboard, stand, rollup, signboard designs
  • Urgent design needs for trade fairs

The fact that customers looking for economic planning and quality services prefer advertising agencies at high costs seems to be a handicap for them to save both budget and time.As Freelance Web Site Design Platform, we provide services far beyond the service you will get from those advertising agencies.

Although we were established in Samsun region during the branding process, Turkey's 81 provinces to seven climate zones are providing services smoothly.We would like you to know that you will be given technical support in intensive intervals during the service process you will receive and you will be informed about each step taken in relation to the process.

So far, none of our clients have contacted a different Web Design site.Because we manage our business with professionalism and we provide our customers with detailed reporting to make them aware of our can see that we are one of the leading brands in Turkey Graphic Design by work with us.

We are waiting for everyone who wants to have a say in the sector...

Web Tasarım ve Seo Soruları

Before developing creative solutions, we draw a roadmap with our analysis team and strategists. Instead of dragging the brand into an uncertain adventure, it brings the solutions to the end.

We are excited to transfer our experiences to brands and to produce successful business together. Because as we add value to the brand, we develop as a digital agency. Thus, we embrace the development in both areas and adopt your business as our business.

Competitor analysis, Research, User Experiences, Business – Sector Analysis, Digital Strategies, Experiential Strategies, Content Strategy, Analytical Reporting, Real Time Measurements and Empathy are among our main strategies.

Using all the benefits of the digital world to grow and make it easier for customers, Now join’s happy customer portfolio.

Continuously Developing Projects

Web Design, Seo, Social Media and Graphic Design by examining the projects we constantly develop in the field can know us and the companies we offer services.

Our Web Design examples and references of the services we offer in this field.
Our Graphic Design examples and references for the services we offer in this field.
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